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Having resisted increasing our rates whilst fuel prices have rocketed, we have now been forced to make the change. We have held our rates for more then 12 months and during that time fuel has increased by more than 57%!!! Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to stay the same and remain viable. 


Hourly Rate (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)
Hourly Rate (Evenings & Weekends)
Test Day Price - Max 2.5 hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)
Test Day Price - Max 2.5 hours (Outside Hours)
10 Hours Pre-Paid (Saving £20)
20 Hours Pre-Paid (Saving £60)
30 Hours Pre-Paid (Saving £120)
Intensive Courses (Please ask for further details)
From £480
Pass Plus Hourly Rate (Minimum 6 hours)

The Pass Plus course is designed to help you become a more skilful driver and to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident. It can also help you to get a discount on your first year's insurance. Best of all - there is no test at the end!)
We accept payment by cash and bank transfer but at the moment are unable to take credit or debit cards. 

Cancellation Policy:
Unfortunately, because 'time really is money', we will charge for any lessons cancelled without 48 hours notice. 

Terms and Conditions

Alcohol/Drugs Policy:
At all times you agree to be free from the influence of either alcohol or drugs during your lessons.

Medical Conditions:
It is important that you make me aware of any existing Medical Conditions that may affect your driving or any changes that develop during the course of your lessons

Please DO NOT book any last minute tests, even if using our ADI reference number, as we may not be able to accommodate it. We reserve the right to withdraw the use of the tuition car if we deem the candidate to not have reached test standard.

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