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Phoebe Kingsbury-Lawry - Nuffield - Passed  February 2020

The most important factor in choosing an instructor was the way they would deal with my nerves and need for constant reassurance. Graeme never visibly flinched or made a sound (or not that I could see!) if I did something wrong, so as not to panic me. He’s the most chilled out person you could learn from, and he never ever undermined me. He allowed me to learn in my own automatic, filling me with confidence straight away as he had the confidence in me to learn without dual controls. He was very quick in picking up the type of learner that I am, especially the fact I prefer systems or ‘programs’ to do manurers. Telling me that I was correct in doing something (“no Phoebe you didn’t switch lanes, you were supposed to do that”) 100 times over while simultaneously dealing with me flapping was no issue at all!! I reluctantly tried using a different instructor when I returned to learning, and oh my god did it make me realise how much Graeme treats you like an equal - I changed back to him as soon as possible! He’s more of a mentor than a teacher; he guides you rather than tells you, and it’s how you would expect to learn if a responsible friend was teaching you rather than a parent. The detail he goes into when explaining makes you truly understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and it really sets you up for predicting what other road users are likely to do when out on your own. Also, with this instructor i has before Graeme, I felt like the payment was the priority, and my learning was secondary. I have never ever had the inclination to think that with Graeme; he wanted me to learn thoroughly and quickly so I could have my independence as he knew how important it was to me. I would urge anyone looking to drive to hit Go Diamond up. Graeme gets a thousand stars from this picky, faffy, panicky, P plate bearing new driver! I don’t have a single complaint, not one.

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